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International Travel

Launching in 2020: New Online Travel Portal

The Travel Management Department will be implementing an easy to use online travel portal and releasing a new website in 2020. Stay tuned!

International Travel for UM Business:

This Travel Policy applies to the following individuals traveling on behalf of the University of Miami.

  1. All employees (Faculty and Staff) of the University, including Miller School of Medicine and UHealth.
  2. University Students.
  3. Non‐University Employees/Students who have been invited to the University or have been authorized to travel and/or entertain on behalf of the University. (Volunteers)

The University reserves the right to cancel or withhold approval for travel to countries in which hostilities have erupted or in which a man-made or natural disaster, epidemic/pandemic or other facts have compromised the safety of faculty, staff and students overseas. The Vice President for Hemispheric and Global Affairs or the Provost, may modify or alter the University Trip and/or may impose additional conditions for Students, Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff and Volunteers attending the trip.

To ensure that proper safety procedures and insurance coverage apply, individuals traveling to a foreign country on a University trip must register their travel information with International SOS. Any travel changes prior to and/or during the trip need to be updated on the International SOS website as soon as reasonably possible.



Travel expenses are reimbursed according to the University's travel reimbursement policies. Students and Graduate Students who do not register with International SOS prior to travel will not be authorized to travel. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to the non-recognition of credits by the University for courses taken abroad. See Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

To view the full International Travel Policy for UM Business please click here.


International Travel Steps

Faculty, Staff, and Students traveling to a foreign country for purposes related to their employment or academic fulfillment with the University must follow the procedures listed below.

1. The authorization process should be initiated two (2) weeks in advance of the expected departure. Traveler should not incur travel expenses until the travel is authorized.

2. Please check your destination country or regions within countries on the U.S Department of State Travel Advisories. Travel to the countries or regions within countries, which are listed on the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories as level 3 or 4 require the approval of the Dean/Departmental Vice President, the Vice President for Hemispheric and Global Affairs and the Provost.

Level 3 Orange: Reconsider Travel
Level 4 Red: Do Not Travel

If traveling to a destination that is level 3 or 4, please continue with the following steps:

  1. Faculty, Staff or Student must complete their appropriate Travel Authorization Form which is found in the Risk Management Website.
  2. Submit the Travel Authorization Form to the traveler's departmental Dean, Vice President or School Officer for initial travel authorization.
  3. Once approved, Travel Authorization forms are then submitted to the Office of Study Abroad located at Dooly Memorial Classroom Building, Suite 125.
  4. Office of Study Abroad will review the requests and assemble all relevant supporting documents.
  5. Office of Study Abroad will provide their recommendation on the travel and forward the form and all relevant supporting documents to the Vice President for Hemispheric and Global Affairs.
  6. Vice President for Hemispheric and Global Affairs reviews the request, provides recommendation(s) for approval, approval with conditions, or rejection and forwards the form to the Provost.
  7. Provost, after consultation with Vice President of Hemispheric and Global Affairs, issues the approval, approval with conditions, or rejection.
  8. Vice President of Hemispheric and Global Affairs will communicate the decision above with the traveler.

3. Once the travel approval is received, please proceed with booking your air travel and lodging.  While the University of Miami does not receive discounts on airline tickets, we do participate in the Travel Rewards programs for American Airlines and Delta Airlines. It is highly encouraged to book travel for UM faculty & staff by using the UM Travel Card.

4. Register your itinerary with International SOS and print a copy of the UM Travel Assistance Card and download their app. This card contains the membership number, emergency contacts and additional information at a glance.

5. Refer to the University's Export Control Compliance Website and travel & safety tips prior to your travel for additional travel information.

6. Refer to the University’s Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements policies for information on expense reports, per diem rates, and more.


International Travel Safety

The University of Miami has a Global Assistance Program, providing its international travelers with medical, security and travel assistance, managed and administered by International SOS. 

Prior to traveling, you may call (215) 942-8478 to obtain an up-to-date report of potential dangers associated with your travel destination, whether it be health or politically related. The list of services provided by International SOS is extensive; we, therefore, recommend that the first course of action when you are in need of assistance is to call the number provided above. 

Contact the University of Miami Risk Management Department at (305) 284-3163 if you have any questions and make sure to print your Travel Assistance Card.


International Travel - Health Advisory Information

International travel can be filled with excitement and fun, but it can also present several challenges and potential risks. These can include dealing with different cultures, political/social conflicts, and health hazards.

Please be sure to visit the Federal/International websites below for valuable information regarding potential health and safety risks when traveling abroad. If you need to get any vaccinations prior to travel, please contact the UM Employee Health Office for assistance.

Travel & Safety Tips

If you require a medical referral, lose your medication, seek pre-travel advice or experience a medical or security crisis, University of Miami has a fully integrated program in place so you can receive the care and expertise that you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Please visit the International SOS travel advice site for useful tips and information you may need on your travels.  

International Travel Information Resources 
  1. S. Department of State-Travel Warnings
  2. S. Department of State- Independent States in the World
  3. S. Department of Labor- International Travel Safety & Health
  4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC 24/7
  5. World Health Organization - WHO
  6. University of Miami- Global Assistance Program
  7. University of Miami- Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement Policy
  8. University of Miami- Export Control Compliance
  9. University of Miami- Risk Management
  10. University of Miami- International Travel Authorization Form
  11. International SOS – International SOS & International SOS User Guide
  12. International Travel Card