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Hertz Car Rental

Make all reservations using the Hertz Car Rental Discount Code (CDP#): 72125. Please be sure to specify Business or Leisure Rental.

Reservations by Phone: 1 (800) 654-3131
Reservations Online: Hertz Car Rental Online


The University of Miami receives up to 25% off all rentals when using the CDP code above.

PLEASE NOTE: Insurance is not included for either Business or Leisure rentals.

  • The renter is responsible for purchasing insurance for vehicles rented for business, personal, or leisure use. Personal exposure may be covered by the renter’s personal vehicle insurance, and/or by certain personal credit card companies. It is recommended that the renter check business and personal insurance coverage and/or their personal credit cards companies before renting.
  • This benefit does not apply to rental transactions at rates other than the corporate rate.
  • Rates include unlimited mileage in renting and bordering states. However, repeated excessive mileage (mileage which routinely exceeds 3000 miles/km per month) may result in immediate rate or mileage cap changes to the corporate account program. Applies to all Continental USA locations and major Canadian airport locations.
  • Rates include additional driver fee when renting on company business. Does not apply to leisure rentals.
  • Rates include underage driver fee for renters 21-24 years of age when renting on company business. Does not apply to leisure rentals. Renter must be 21 years of age, unless otherwise mandated by state law.
  • Weekly rate is calculated at 5.5 times the corporate daily rate; monthly rate is four (4) times the weekly rate; extra day rate is equal to daily rate. Maximum rental period is 30 days.
  • Limited blackout dates at some locations may apply during peak demand periods.
  • Puerto Rico Rentals: Rate program only above benefits do not apply. Rates may be subject to blackout dates. If required by law, renter must purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All rented vehicles must be picked up by a University of Miami employee with a valid University-issued ID. ID must be shown at time of pickup, or rate will not be honored. The individual making the reservation must be the person picking up the vehicle. Spouses, other relatives or persons who are not University employees will not be allowed to pick up a vehicle. 


Any employee involved in an accident while using a rental vehicle for University business must immediately report the accident to the rental agency as well as the University of Miami Risk Management department at (305) 284-3163. The accident must be reported regardless of who is at fault.