MVR Approval Process

Step-by-Step Instructions

To begin the process, you must have the following required information:
Copy of Valid Driver's License and Departmental Account Number.

1) Log into Workday at:

2) Complete the "Change My Licenses" task

In the Workday search bar, type "Change My Licenses" to add driver's license details

3) When complete, return to the Workday home screen's search bar and type "Create Request"

4) Select "All" then select "Motor Vehicle Request"

5) Fill in required fields, select appropriate dropdown, and upload required documents

6) When complete, click Submit

Note: Allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Process Details

1) Once the employee completes the required MVR Request fields in Workday, MVR will be routed to Manager for review and approval.

2) After Manager Approval, MVR will be routed to Risk Management (RM) for review.

3) RM will review MVR results provided by driver monitoring system, Insurance Information Exchange (IIX), a Third-Party Provider.

4) Request will be approved or denied.

a) If MVR is approved, RM will send employee required training module. (Training modules will be assigned based on employees’ scope of work, vehicle type and MVR results.)

b) If MVR is denied, RM will respond with the reason for denial and provide corrective recommendations.

5) Employee will complete training module and upload certificate of completion as an attachment in Workday MVR request.

6) RM will complete approval process in Workday within five business day and update employee driver profile in Workday.

7) Employee and Manager will receive notification of driver status.

8) Driver status will be available to view in the Workday employee profile, in the "additional data" tab.

9) Authorized employee driver’s license will be continuously monitored for the period in which the employee driver is required to operate University of Miami affiliated vehicles.