Meal Plan FAQs


What is a meal plan?

A meal plan unlocks access to meals, coffee, snacks, and more, at more than twenty retail locations across campus. Your Meal Plan includes Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars, conveniently loaded onto your 'Cane Card

What are meal swipes?

Meal Swipes give you access to our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, Hecht Stanford and Mahoney Pearson. Meal Swipes are also accepted at the Corner Deli, one swipe per meal period. 

What is a Kosher meal swipe?

Kosher meal swipes are available at The Corner Deli located inside the Shalala Student Center (restrictions apply). Students may select from the daily meal swipe menu. Meal swipes are limited to once per meal period. Guest Swipes are not accepted at this location.

The Corner Deli is open Monday through Thursday 10:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and Friday 10:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Grab n’ Go Kosher meals are available Saturday and Sunday at The Market, located inside the Hurricane Food Court.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars may be used throughout the semester including breaks, at any campus dining venue, excluding the Well 'Canes Marketplace, food trucks, beverage, and snack vending machines.

How does my meal plan work?

'Cane Cards are required to access the meal plan. Swipe your 'Cane Card at the entrance of either of the dining halls or at the register of any retail location on campus (excludes Well 'Canes Markets, snack and beverage vending machines and food trucks).

Who is required to purchase a meal plan?

All *first-year students who reside on campus are required to purchase a 7 Day All Access Plan (including Lakeside Village). All upper-class students residing in any of the residential colleges—Stanford, Mahoney, Pearson, or Eaton—must purchase a 7 Day All Access, 5 Day All Access, or 125 Block Plan. Upper-class students living in Lakeside Village Suites must purchase a minimum of $250 Dining Dollars.

*First-year students: students with less than 24 credits or one semester on campus, residing in any of the residential colleges (including Lakeside Village) will be enrolled in the 7 Day All-Access Meal Plan.

How do students purchase a meal plan?

Registration can be completed via the University's housing portal or by contacting Dining Services via email or calling 305-284-3584.

How are meal plans billed?

Meal Plans are billed each Fall and again Spring semester. 

What is an All Access Plan?

An All Access meal plan provides unlimited residential dining hall visits; choose between a 7 Day All Access or 5 Day All Access plan (valid Monday-Friday, meals reset at midnight on Fridays). The plans also include one swipe per meal period at the Corner Deli, $250 Dining Dollars for retail locations, and 5 Guest Swipes per semester.

What is a 125 Block Plan?

A 125 Block meal plan includes 125 visits to the dining halls (valid for both semesters), one swipe per meal period at the Corner Delis, $250 Dining Dollars for retail locations, and 5 Guest Swipes per semester. Any unused meal swipes from the Fall will roll to the Spring semester.

What is a Commuter Block Plan (50 and 15)?

A Commuter Block meal plan provides 50 or 15 meals at the dining halls, one swipe per meal period at the Corner Deli, and $500 Dining Dollars. Any unused meal swipes and Dining Dollars from the Fall will roll to the Spring semester only.

What is a Dining Dollar Plan?

Dining Dollar meal plans are sold in increments of $250, $500, $750, and $1,000. Dining Dollar Plans can be added to any existing meal plan or as a stand-alone plan for Lakeside Village (excludes first-year students) University Village, and commuter students. Unused Dining Dollars from Fall will roll to the Spring semester and are non-refundable.

What if I have special dietary needs?

If you have food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, and/or are in need of dietary assistance, our culinary team is trained to develop a solution to meet your needs. Reach out to the UM Dining Registered Dietician at to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your specific needs. You may also subscribe to the weekly Vegan and Vegetarian menu emails, set up special accommodations and more. To learn more, click here.

How can I request a Meal Plan Accommodation?

Meal plan accommodations must be requested through Office of Disabilities Services (ODS) prior to June 1st for the Fall semester and prior to December 1st for the Spring semester.

Requests for accommodations received after the deadline will be processed for the next regular term semester.

The student is responsible for submitting the Accommodation Request Form along with comprehensive documentation. Request forms without accompanying documentation will not be reviewed.

How can I request a Meal Plan Change?

First-year students with less than 24 credits or one semester on campus, residing in any of the residential colleges (including Lakeside Village) are required to be enrolled in the 7 Day All-Access Meal Plan.

How can I upgrade my Meal Plan?

Students may request upgrades from the 125 Block Plan to the 7 Day All Access and 5 Day All Access Plans by contacting Auxiliary Services at

How can I downgrade a Meal Plan?

Upper-class and commuter students requesting meal plan downgrades from Fall to Spring will incur a $40 processing fee.

How do I cancel a Meal Plan?

Meal plan cancellation requests are prorated to each semester’s first meal service date and are subject to a $300 meal plan cancellation charge, whether the student has used the meal plan or not. Meal plan cancellations are permitted when changing from on campus residential status to commuter, Lakeside Village Apartment, or University Village Apartment status.

To request a meal plan cancellation, email

What happens to my Meal Plan if I withdraw from the University?

Once a request for cancellation due to a withdrawal from the University has been reviewed and validated, the student will be financially responsible for the daily prorated dining charge for their meal plan. The meal plan charge will be prorated through the week of the last use of the plan or through the effective date of withdrawal from the University, whichever date is later, and a prorated amount will be credited to the student’s account.

Questions may be directed to the Auxiliary Services Department: or 305-284-3584