Vending Services

Beverage Vending

The University has an exclusive full-service beverage agreement with Coca Cola.

Snack Vending

The University has an exclusive full-service snack vending service agreement, which includes a full assortment of snacks, cold and frozen foods, healthy snack/food options, milk products, coffee, and fresh fruit with Gilly Vending.


The University's Pharmabox provides the Coral Gables campus community modern-day access to pharmaceutical products conveniently located at the Merrick Building.


Beverage/Snack Machine Refunds and Service

For vending machine refunds (make sure to have the vending machine number available), and service problems, including abuse or misuse of any vending machine, please contact the Department of Auxiliary Services at:

Beverage/Snack Machine Installation

Departments interested in obtaining a vending machine, or machine, should proceed in the following manner:

  • 1. Have the installation approved by the appropriate person responsible for the area where the machine(s) are to be installed, i.e. the Department Head, Dean, Chairperson.
  • 2. Determine if the location contains the utilities required for the installation, i.e. electrical, required space, etc.
  • 3. Contact the Department of Auxiliary Services at (305) 284-3584, and indicate:
    • The desired location of the machine(s). Note: vending machines cannot be installed in stairwells or in hallways.
    • The types of products desired in the machine(s).

Please note that the installation of new equipment may be subject to approval by the University's Buildings and Grounds Committee.