Who's Who in MPS

Managed Print Services
Email for General Inquiries: mps@miami.edu
Fax: 305-284-3192

Canon Equipment Service & Support
Toll-Free: 1-855-477-4783

Miling Yon

Contract Administrator
Phone: 305-284-6585
Email: mxy97@miami.edu

Joe Lorenzo

Contract Manager
Phone: 305-284-2378
Email: jlorenzo@miami.edu

Derek Lawrence

Contract Administrator, Customer Relations
Pone: 305-284-9568
Email: dlawrence@miami.edu


Accounting & Billing
Phone: 305-284-8127

Carmen T. Oliva, Director
Managed Print Services
Records Management and Retention
Travel Management and UTV Cable Services
Phone: 305-284-8635
Email: coliva@miami.edu