MPS Toner Fraud Alert


Copier Scam Alert



Canon’s Enterprise Managed Services Division (EMSD) wants to protect Canon EMSD employees and clients from being fooled by deceptive telemarketers and vendors. These “callers” try to convince you to place toner orders on the spot or mislead you to disclose information on equipment leading to subsequent toner sales calls to you or your clients.


On the surface, claims of savings sound appealing, however:

  • Prices can be costlier than EMSD toner programs.
  • The potential for counterfeit Canon toner exists; if used, it would affect device performance.
  • Toner may already be included in the client agreement and you or your client will overspend.

The toner ordering process for your account was determined at contract and the Toner Ordering Standard for your account should be followed. If in doubt, please contact Managed Print Services at

For information on the toner ordering, please visit the Ordering Toner Supplies page.

PATH: Welcome to EMSD QuickR >EMSD Document Library >Best Practices & Standards >EMSD Account Tools & Resources>EMSD Toner Management Standard 2015

Operations/Site Managers: If a scam attempt is identified and verified, please email the toner scam incident details to:


  • A telemarketer or “other” may contact you and claim they are calling from a Canon sales, customer service, inventory control department or research firm.
  • The caller may ask about your equipment models, or request serial number verification on a specific device(s).
  • The caller may claim they are doing an inventory and ask about toner levels, order quantities, delivery dates or performance levels.
  • The caller is not someone you normally deal with and avoids providing name and phone number and may become aggressive.
  • The caller may pitch lower prices, appealing and in line with EMSD goals to reduce and control costs.
  • In some cases, it may be a “user” who may be new, and is not familiar with the toner process…or a legitimate Canon dealer selling toner, so…


  • Be professional, polite and courteous throughout call. Request name, phone and company.
  • If pressed, reply you are not authorized to place orders or provide information but will inform appropriate individual(s).
  • Check with the Canon and or Client directory for identity confirmation. New Canon or Client personnel may not be on directory, further research is needed, follow through.
  • Escalate call informaiton to your Account Management team for futher verification.