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NOTE: You must read the Cost of Ownership Statement below before proceeding to the Equipment Ordering Form.

Departments requesting output devices will be assessed for the proper placement of equipment which will result in a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Proposal. Departments will have the opportunity to review the TCO Proposal and provide feedback.

Device features vary and will be provided depending on departmental needs and recommendations from the approved vendor and MPS. The monthly lease payment will reflect the cost associated with the equipment model and any added accessories. Monthly charges will also include the cost per copy for black and white and color printing based on the department’s monthly print volume.

Due to its high total cost of ownership, the University discourages the leasing or purchase of single-function devices. Departments who are in need of a single-function device must complete and submit an Equipment Order Form, along with a justification to Managed Print Services for approval.

To request a device, all departments must complete the MPS Equipment Ordering Form. To access this form, please read and agree to the statement below. 

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Move existing equipment from one location to another.

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Remove equipment from your area.

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Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR)
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MPS Desktop Printer Waiver
Request for equipment not recommended by University of Miami Managed Print Services.